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Title: Gender Identity

The article discusses gender identity and its associated aspects, the reasons for gender identity disorders, and problems arising from the lack of clear gender identity laws. It also provides some suggestions and solutions.

Hermaphrodites are a part of society with rights and responsibilities, but some face difficulties in obtaining their rights, leading to conflicts and issues with society.

Gender Identity
It represents an individual's self-definition regarding their gender, as well as how people perceive themselves, whether as male, female, or any other gender. We know the genders as male and female, but many may not be aware that there is a third gender that falls between male and female. This third gender may lean towards male or female and may possess reproductive organs of both sexes. It is referred to as androgynous. However, a new category changes their gender for fame and financial gain through prostitution, cosmetic products, and cosmetic clinics.

Causes of Gender Identity Disorders or Their Proliferation
Reasons related to healthcare:
- Inadequate healthcare.
- Errors in diagnosing gender during birth for individuals with ambiguous genitalia.
- Unqualified medical professionals to deal with cases of gender dysphoria or related mental illnesses.
- Corruption in the healthcare system, including conducting hormone experiments, measurement results manipulation, dangerous transition surgeries, insurance fraud through unnecessary drugs and tests, and extending psychological treatments for financial gain.

Financial and Commercial Reasons:
- Through prostitution and advertisements for cosmetic products and cosmetic clinics.

Psychological and Social Reasons:
- Childhood rape or one parent having a different gender identity.
- Societies that do not criminalize child and women abuse, sexual deviation, and the feeling of control and power, especially when exercised on men, as well as the fear of pregnancy and childbirth and expenses.

Legal, Governmental, and Civil Rights Organizations-Related Causes:
- Seeking asylum due to sexual persecution.
- Lack of precise gender classification or designation as undefined or other.
-Contrary to traditions and blindly following celebrities and prominent figures.

Criminal Reasons:
- Impersonation by some individuals for fraud or hiding.
- Occupation or specific locations, jobs in remote, isolated, or enclosed areas such as prisons and the military.

Problems Arising from the Lack of Gender Identity Laws
Conflicts between governments, society, and civil rights organizations regarding the rights and violations against individuals with gender identity issues. These conflicts can result in murder, rape, theft, imprisonment, and human trafficking, due to weak legal protection.

They were turning to drugs or emigration to escape the harsh reality.

Commercial and Medical Exploitation through public display and showcasing their abilities. "We transformed one gender into another; you will be even more amazed if you rely on us."

Racial Discrimination in employment, including prohibition and dismissal.

Cheating, which may cause shock due to the difference between gender identity and appearance, leads to legal problems, especially in marriage, some professions, and societies.

Media attacks, for or against, lead to conflicts in society.

Low demand for some jobs such as the military, emergency services, and rescue operations, which require physical effort, and vice versa. Some jobs require care and affection and involve multiple tasks.

Use of symbols that cause problems, such as the rainbow flag, and its association with different rights issues.

Spread of some sexually transmitted diseases.

Performing dangerous surgeries and hormone treatments, which have time-dependent effects and complications.

Some Solutions
Clear international classification by medical professionals supported by legislation or the constitution.

Community awareness of gender diversity issues and how to deal with them, especially within families.

Education and training for medical professionals and healthcare workers regarding gender identity disorders.

Improving the conditions of prisons and remote areas in terms of leaves allows families to join employees and reclassifies prisoners in a way that protects them.

Adding the purple colour to the rainbow flag as a blend of blue and pink.

No corrective or gender-changing operations should be performed unless the legal age is reached, except in extreme cases.

Please note that the article was translated as closely as possible, but some concepts may not have direct equivalents in English, and there may be variations in the interpretation of certain terms and ideas.

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