Hiya! The movie is a couple of man and a woman who consider in nice real love. The man believes it is behind him; the lady hopes it’s forward of her. Certainly one of their ideals in life is “to be any individual’s true north.” Immediately we all know they’re in bother. You don’t just discover true love. You group up with someone, and construct it from the ground up. However “message in a bottle gift for her india in a Bottle” believes in the type of love where the romantic music comes first, trembling and sweeping below each scene, and the dialogue is handled just like the lyrics.

However the place, oh where, did they get the movie’s ending? Is it in the unique novel, “Message in a Bottle,” by Nicholas Sparks ? Don’t know. Have not read it. The climactic occasions are shameless, contrived, and wildly out of tune with the rest of the story. To saddle Costner, Penn and Newman with such goofy melodrama is like hiring Fred Astaire and strapping a tractor on his back.