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Let Your Kindle Read To You With Text-to-Speech

The only package deal for TTS I found was Rtts. It doesn’t seem very comprehensive nevertheless it does the job of changing text to speech. The one API that works proper now could be **ITRI (**. And it solely supports English and Chinese.

Let’s strive it out!

Here, I’ll be using a quote from DOUGLAS ADAMS’ THE HITCHHIKER’S Guide TO THE GALAXY:

The primary TTS function is tts_ITRI() and I’m going to loop over the totally different robot voice generator ( options.

I uploaded the outcomes to Soundcloud for you to listen to: – audio-tts-bruce – audio-tts-theresa – audio-tts-angela – audio-tts-mchen-bruce – audio-tts-mchen-joddess – audio-tts-eng-bob – audio-tts-eng-alice – audio-tts-eng-tracy

north carolina at greensboro connect connect to databases, textAs you may hear, it sounds quite wonky. There are lots of better alternatives out there, however most of them aren’t free and/or can’t be used (as simply) from R. Noam Ross tried IBM Watson’s TTS API on this publish, which could be an excellent solution. Or you possibly can access the Google Cloud API from within R.

Probably the most convenient answer for me was to use eSpeak from the command line. The output sounds relatively good, it’s free and presents many languages and voices with lots of parameters to tweak.